Community Choir

Who We Are and What We Do

Who Are We?

A group of souls from all walks of life from teenagers to octogenarians and every one  in between.  We get together because we love the feeling of being part of a community choir . 
We are a mixed voice community choir who welcome everyone, we don’t audition and we learn music by ear. We enjoy singing songs from a variety of cultures, including African, Maori, Jewish, Spanish and we also enjoy folk music.  
Apart from singing we also spend a lot of time talking, laughing and making new friends.
Choir on  a Monday night is a tonic, a sanctuary and somewhere just to be you.

What We Do?

Led by Beth de Lange and Deb Allitt (our choir leaders) we sing songs from around the world .  Sometimes in rounds, sometimes in straight harmonies and sometimes with no words at all!
The main thing is that this is not about musical prowess - you don't need to be able to read music or have any previous experience.  Just a desire to come along and join in.

Each session 

Begins with a warm up which usually involves alot of laughing 
Followed by  new songs and old songs  (words always available for these)
Breaking at 9pm for a drink, notices and a high speed chat
Culminating in some more singing and usually a revisit of anything new we'd learnt in the first half
finishing at 10pm  which is often followed by more chat!

So if you'd like to dip your toe in the water, suck it and see or give us a go we'd love to meet you.

If you'd like to chat with someone or just want to let us know you are planning on dropping by please get in touch.

Here is Beth, in action.

If you'd like to learn more about Beth have a look at all about Beth 

Deb says:

I want to bring songs and people together because that is one of the most transforming and affirming experiences in life.

I’ve always loved singing, first with the hymns of school and church, then with pop and folk songs. In 1985 I joined a singing for pleasure class run by Vivian Ellis, where I first encountered community singing. Since then I have been seeking out opportunities to sing, both as a member of choirs and as a singing leader. I began Kaleidoscope Choir in 1996, and have continued to be a member of the choir since Beth took over as leader.  From 2008 I ran Sing Out Loud, a Saturday morning informal drop-in-to-sing group in Derby. This continues as Rise and Sing which I co-run with Richard Talaska.  Also I teach a WEA class called Lift Your Spirit in Song.

In my current groups the songs are mostly from spiritual traditions, especially shape-note songs, gospel and spirituals. Essentially the songs I teach come from communities of people living, struggling and celebrating together. I teach everything by ear, sometimes using written music as an extra learning aid.