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Talent in our midst....

Because we are a community choir - just like in any community there are many hidden talents. 
This page is all about showing off our marvellous members who have given us a sneak preview of ther talents at Rough Truffles events.  The page will grow and grow so heres a little list of whats here, just scroll on down through the page and enjoy ...
A Song for Belper by Tracey Wilkinson   
An Ode to Rough Truffles by Sandy Gill
I wish I'd looked after me t*ts by Tracey Wilkinson  (warning this is not for the feint hearted or easily offended)

A Song for Belper


Earlier this year Belper Town Council launched a competition to compose a Song for Belper.

The winning entry was written by a lovely lady called Tracey Wilkinson who also just happens to be a member of Rough Truffles.

Belper Song Choir Unison
Belper Song Choir harmonies

A Song for Belper 

(the full story from the lady herself)

Ch: Sing, sing, sing,

Let your voices ring,

Like the chime of the nailers’ hammering,

Mills and riverside,

Hills and countryside,

Belper is our pride!

V1 Jedediah’s time left the mill so fine,

Celebrated, feted far and wide,

Cobbled cottage rows where the river flows,

Living history unfolds…


V2 Secret alleyways, farmers’ market days,

Leafy parks and glorious flower displays,

River Gardens fun, music in the sun,

And we welcome all who come…


V3 Climb the Chevin’s height one fine autumn night,

Watch the town settle down in the fading light,

Then the fair comes alive as the children arrive,

Spinning rainbows pulse and fly…


V4 Café lights that gleam when the wind blows keen,

Icy streets, rosy cheeks, a timeless scene,

And our hills provide for a thrilling ride

When the snowclouds fill the sky…


V5 Amber jewel in the crown, Belper folk gather round,

We belong, sing this song for our lovely town,

As the music here fills the crystal air

Celebrate our Beau Repaire!


Tracey Wilkinson

October 2013

I first heard about Belper Town Council’s Song for Belper competition back in July 2013 at choir. I thought it was a great initiative for an amazing town. Belper has so many delightful qualities and it’s such a privilege to live here. From the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscape to the grandeur and charm of the town’s heritage and built environment; from the friendly people always happy to say hello and stop for a chat, to the vibrant and thriving festivals, music and art scenes – Belper is inspirational on every level.

I have sung and performed in choirs all my life, and was there at the birth of Rough Truffles some 12 years ago. I also sing in Belper-based harmony quartet QHQ. I have a degree in English and love all sorts of writing, from committee reports (in a former life!) to poetry and comedy sketches. In terms of song-writing, it’s mostly been lyrics for QHQ, and these have included a Belper Rap (no, this wasn’t my competition entry!), a song about being a chocaholic, and a song about Italian cars (in Italian!).

I only intended to write the lyrics for A Song for Belper and rope someone else in to compose the tune, but the music started dancing in my head one morning when I was making my little boy’s cheese sandwiches and it wouldn’t go away. It was jolly, uplifting and memorable – just what I thought a song for communal singing should be. So I sung it into my trusty voice recorder and started to work on the lyrics. It is very easy to write lovely things about Belper; the hard part was what to leave out. I could have written many more than the 5 verses I ended up with.

I could have left it at that but, being a choir member, I thought it would be nice to add some harmonies so that our choir, and other choirs, could make it a real performance piece. I made the chorus rousing and the verses a little gentler. There is a line that mentions ‘the chime of the nailers’ hammering’ and I wanted the harmony on this to reflect that distinctive, almost dissonant, chime. And the way the harmonies stop and start and weave together in the chorus especially, brings to mind the rhythmic working and spinning of the machines in Belper’s North Mill.

I can’t thank Rough Truffles and QHQ enough for allowing me to teach it to them so I could ‘test it out’. They learnt it in half an hour so I could make a recording to submit with my entry.

I was, and am, absolutely thrilled and honoured that my song was chosen as the winning submission. It was first announced on Radio Derby on Ian Skye’s show on 7th October, with Rough Truffles there to sing it live. The following evening I was presented with a framed certificate by the lady mayor, Councillor Deborah Biss, at a Belper Town Council meeting (I had to sing the song to them first, but they did join in at the second chorus!).

There were 12 entries altogether and, from those I have heard, they are all great songs deserving recognition. There should definitely be a Belper song CD with them all on!

The Town Council’s vision was for the winning song to become familiar to Belper residents so that it can be sung communally to celebrate our beautiful town at events such as the Larks in the Parks, the food festivals and the Christmas festivities. The song is for singing and for sharing and I will do my best to make it accessible to all; from choirs, bands and orchestras to schools, churches, clubs and individuals.

So please download the words, music and recording; photocopy it, share it, talk about it, perform it, come along to events in the town and join in with it.

Let’s get Belper singing!

Every year at Rough Truffles we have a Christmas Party where all our friends and family are invited and we eat drink and make merry.  
Part of the making merry involves our own choir members doing ' a turn' and often we as the audience end up having a very 'funny turn'.

An Ode to Rough Truffles


I`ll tell thee an old fashioned story

What me Grandfather used to relate,

Concerns a town near Derby called Belper

Where chocolates used to be made.

On the banks of the River Derwent

A beautiful garden abounds,

Near the mill, some shops and a chippy

And numerous pubs for your rounds!

At the Queen`s Head every Monday

The Rough Truffles meet up to sing,

( A Community Choir of great renown )

With voices, like angels they ring.

Oh! Happy voices harmonise

In chords resplendent and fine,

Never a voice found out of tune

Well that must be due to the wine!

The booze it flows quite freely

It brings us plenty of cheer,

Happy smiling faces aglow with good health?

No. It must be the beer!

There`s BETH who is our great leader,

And STEVE and JEFF and DREW,


MARGARET, TRACEY to name but a few of our motley crew!

The TENORS they drone in the corner

They hold tunes particularly well,


Together they gel quite well.

Songs have they sung on CDs

In gardens and on the stage,

Songs in foreign language

Especially LATIN that`s now all the rage!

Latin it sticks in your throat like,

Don`t swallow, just spit is the best…

Way round the syllables and wording


Well it`s time for my ditty to end

Let`s raise a glass with our wrist

And shout great cheers for Christmas

But please don`t go home pi…. Pie eyed!

Time has come for our parting

It brings a tear to my eye,



Sandy Gill 2014

 Our very own Sandy Giill following inspiration late one night after a choir session got home and wrote this charming piece of prose,  an absolute delight I'm sure you will agree.
and another corking Christmas party contribution.

Oh I wish I'd looked after me t*ts

Here's Tracey (of Song for Belper fame) with a hilarious, if a little risque rendition of her version of a well known Pam Ayres poem.   If you would like to see Traceys other musical and literary marvels check out her you tube channel Marinermummy